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Angola’s new president Lourenco sworn in

The new president of Angola Joao Lourenco on Tuesday was sworn in at a ceremony in the country's capital Luanda after his ruling party, the MPLA won general elections last month.

Angola’s ruling party wins elections

The ruling MPLA party won Angola's elections, a poll official announced on Thursday, with party candidate Joao Lourenco now set to succeed President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos who has ruled for 38 years.

Son-in-law of Angola’s president jailed in DR Congo

The son-in-law of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos said on Thursday that a Congolese court had sentenced him in absentia to one year in prison for real estate fraud, a move that could further strain relations between the…

Angola opposition demands answers about dos Santos’ health

Angola's opposition called on the government on Friday to reveal the state of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' health amid reports that Africa's second-longest ruler is seriously ill at a hospital in Spain. The 74-year-old dos Santos, who…

Angolan president sets Aug 23 for general elections

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has signed a decree setting August 23 as the date for general elections, state radio reported on Wednesday. Dos Santos, 74, is to step down after 38 years at the helm of a country that has become…