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Thousands flee violence in DRC – UNHCR

The United Nations on Tuesday said thousands of people have fled violence in Democratic Republic of Congo in the past month and are now seeking refuge in Zambia.

Zambia backs down on compulsory HIV testing policy

Zambia’s government has backed down on an earlier announced compulsory HIV/AIDS testing policy by its President Edgar Lungu. The government is withdrawing the policy due to huge uproar from citizens and rights groups, according to the…

Zambia: HIV testing now compulsory

The President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu has announced that testing for HIV is now compulsory in the country. According to Mr. Lungu testing, counselling and treatment for HIV which used to be voluntary is now a must for every citizen as the…

Zambia’s Lungu picked for re-election in 2021 by his party

Zambian leader Edgar Lungu has been re-nominated to run as the Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate in 2021, a move that could trigger controversy over his constitutional eligibility to stand, a report says. According to BBC, the…