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AU to evacuate African migrants detained in Libya

The African Union (AU) has announced that it has started working together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to evacuate thousands of African migrants held in detention centers in Libya.

The Migration Dilemma for young Ghanaians

27 year old Enoch Yeboah traveled from Ghana to Libya in 2013 hoping to cross over to Europe for greener pasture. His dream prior to traveling became a mirage when things went bad on this journey to Libya.

Bodies found after clashes in Libya

Twenty eight bodies with bullet wounds and torture marks were discovered on Saturday in an area west of Libya’s capital that has recently seen clashes between rival armed factions, a local human rights group said.

EU to reopen embassy in Libya

The European Union is seeking to reopen its embassy in Libya pending security conditions, officials said on Tuesday, offering further political support for the Tripoli government struggling to establish control.