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World leaders react to army takeover in Zimbabwe

There have been several reactions to the military takeover in Zimbabwe which has led to the detention of the country's President Robert Mugabe and the arrest of some of his cabinet ministers.

Fear of a ‘Coup’ grips Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans are gripped with fear of a possible coup after military vehicles left the country's main barracks in Inkomo heading towards the capital Harare, just a day after military chiefs threatened to step in if current purging within the…

Venezuela army hunts rebels behind raid on military base

Venezuela's military was on Monday hunting an ex-officer and a lieutenant who led uniformed rebels on a weekend raid to grab weapons from an army base, fueling fears the country's worsening crisis could tip into armed conflict.

Transgender personnel barred from US military

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that transgender people may not serve "in any capacity" in the US military, upending a key policy from Barack Obama's administration and drawing swift condemnation. Announcing the major policy…

40 militants killed by Egypt military in a clampdown

Egypt's military said on Tuesday it has killed more than 40 extremists in a wide-ranging campaign in the Sinai Peninsula where the Islamic State group has been waging a deadly insurgency. The announcement came a day after seven civilians…

Gunfire in Ivory Coast barracks

Sporadic gunfire rang out overnight in a military barracks in Ivory Coast's second city of Bouake, where a mutiny erupted in January, an AFP journalist said on Friday. The shots were heard just hours after national television broadcast a…