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Pope Francis prays for Kenya

Pope Francis on Sunday called for constructive dialogue in Kenya where he said he was following the situation with "close attention" over disputed elections.

Pope Francis injured in Colombia

Pope Francis sustained minor injuries on Sunday when he lost his balance and bumped his head against a vehicle barrier while riding in the popemobile during his visit to Cartagena, Colombia.

Pope prays Colombia war victims

Pope Francis presided over a tearful act of reconciliation Friday between ex-fighters and victims of Colombia's civil war, urging "truth" and "justice" for victims of the half-century conflict.

Pope Francis prays for peace in South America

Pope Francis landed in Colombia on Wednesday to plead for lasting peace in a country moving towards the end of a half-century war, and praying for stability in its crisis-stricken neighbor Venezuela.

Pope Francis visits Colombia over peace process

Pope Francis launches an emotionally charged visit next week to Colombia, to call for reconciliation as the country emerges from Latin America's longest civil war in a contested peace process.

Vatican’s top finance man charged with child sex abuse

Cardinal George Pell, the third most powerful figure in the Vatican and Australia's most senior Catholic, was Thursday charged with historical child sex offences in a case that has rocked the church. Pell, the Vatican's finance chief and…

Vatican cancels Pope’s visit to South Sudan this year

The Vatican said on Tuesday it had scrapped tentative plans for Pope Francis to make a visit this year to South Sudan, which has been hit by civil war, famine and a refugee crisis. Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said the trip "was not for…