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Africa Feeds Media Limited which is the mother company of this news portal Africa Feeds and its other subsidiaries respect the privacy rights of our online visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting all the information they choose to share with us.

About the Privacy Policy

We therefore adopt this Online Privacy Policy to guide the collection, storage and use of the information provided to us by our online visitors.

  1. Africa Feeds Media Limited’s Privacy Policy relates to the following websites (,, and which are part of the media group and maintained by the company.
  2. Information collected from these sites only applies to personal information submitted by our visitors while online.
  3. This privacy policy doesn’t cover sites of our global affiliates and partners which we link up with, as well as data collected offline.
  4. Africa Feeds Media Limited therefore will not be responsible for content or information provided to those external sites
  5. The personal information collected can only be used and shared during the duration of this privacy policy posted here.

Information Collected

Africa Feeds Media Limited collects information from you when you comment on our articles or subscribe to our newsletter, participate in a poll, provide feedback to the team or take part in promotions.

Information collected will solely be personal and cover

  • Personal Name
  • E-mail Address, or Telephone Number


All our websites use cookies to send your computer signals to collect information about you automatically when you visit them for various usage. You are at liberty to turn off all cookies or have it warn you any time a cookie is being sent.

How Personal Information is used

Africa Feeds Media Limited websites do not share, sell or rent your personal information to third parties without your consent.

You are also at liberty to share your information or otherwise when you visit our sites.

Please be reminded that the information we collect is restricted and only permitted when you allow and would be for us to provide you better online and personalize experience, send you occasional emails on important notices about our company and news updates.

The information you provide would only be disclosed when permitted by the laws of Ghana.

Protection of Personal Information

We have taken the needed steps to protect the information you provide to our websites and no unauthorized person can access that information. We desire to improve upon this security measure so we will do all we can to upgrade when needed.

Third Party Terms

Our websites occasionally but at our discretion enter into partnerships with third party sites, products or services. You will likely click on their links and also click on our links from those sites.

However when you leave our websites, the other sites may collect data and make use of them per their Privacy Policy. That means our privacy policy will no longer apply.

Children and Privacy

Visitors who are parents or guardians are advised to monitor their children when they visit online.

We do not encourage children under the age of Sixteen (16) years to provide personally identifiable information on the website or other services.

Your Consent

By using our websites, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. The policy may be amended at any time. This policy was last updated on May 29, 2018.

Contacting Us

In the event of seeking clarification or providing feedback on this Privacy Policy, send a mail to