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The news portal focuses on telling the story of Africa to the rest of the world, from politics, entertainment, sports, business and many more. All the regions in Africa are well covered. works with experienced African journalists who are passionate about the continent of Africa.

The network of journalists working for the company has one objective which is to tell the story of Africa accurately, objectively, fairly and in a balanced way. started publishing news content online in November 2016.

The company was founded by Isaac Kaledzi who is an Award-winning African Journalist from Ghana.

Editorial policy

Published works on are not influenced by any interest except to report the news about Africa in a free, fair and credible way.

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As a digital news publishing company, it is our vision to provide quality content to our readers.

The focus is to tell the story of Africa, the unique stories that are hidden on the continent.

We tell it as it is, the whole truth whether bitter or sweet and we ensure that we motivate as well.

News is not only about doom and gloom so we aspire to encourage others with the positive stories we tell.

We also want to be the hub for all the quality content millions want to read about daily focusing on Africa.

The team is certain we shall achieve that in due course. Ultimately it is about Africa and projecting this great continent.