Monday, May 16, 2022
There is outrage over the killing of a female Nigerian student over her social media post. The level 200 university student was allegedly beaten and burnt to death by fellow students...

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Ghana to host West African Mining and Power Exhibition and Conference

The West African mining industry is thriving. As one of the world's largest gold-producing regions, it also supplies 22.6% of global titanium oxide, 11.5%...

Ghana’s inflation rises to highest level in 18 years

Ghana’s inflation rate has risen to the highest level in more than 18 years in April. Inflation for the month rose to 23.6% from...

CAR is first African country to adopt bitcoin as official currency

The Central African Republic has now adopted bitcoin as an official currency, making it the second country in the world do to after El Salvador. El...

Russia parries off Ukraine invasion blame for global economic crisis

The Russian government has rejected recent news reporting with the narrative that its invasion of Ukraine has led to a global economic crisis. Russia is...

Telecel Group Announces the Acquisition of Mattel Mauritania

Tunisie Telecom, BSA telecommunication and COMATEL announce the signing, on March 14, of an exclusive agreement with the company TELECEL Group for the sale...


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Ghana: Popular restaurant closed down over alleged mass food poisoning

Ghanaian authorities on Thursday closed down a branch of a popular restaurant in Ghana, Marwako following reports of alleged mass food poisoning. Several Twitter users complained of getting food poisoning...

British porn-watching MP resigns

A British MP, Neil Parish has announced he will be resigning as an MP after admitting he watched pornography twice in Parliament. He told the...

Top 5 Types of Lists to Help You Feel More Productive and Happier

Lists are a favorite tool for increasing productivity. The classic option is a to-do list. It's simple, easy, and straightforward. And it's incredibly boring:...

Top 6 Effective Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor and Impress Others

A sense of humor is a skill that develops from birth along with the expansion of knowledge and under the influence of upbringing. A...

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