Sunday, June 26, 2022
At least 22 people have been found dead at a nightclub in South Africa. Many of the victims are said to be students who were celebrating after their final examinations. Emergency...

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What’s the future looking like for gold trading?

Gold. For millennia it has been a highly valued commodity. At first it was used for trading and then became a material in which...

The power of renewal – the current status of energy transition in Africa

Post-pandemic, new solutions are being implemented to address Africa's power challenges, which have been hampered by a lack of competitive funding, the dire state...

Exness Review for Nigerian Traders

As a result of the ever-increasing demand for foreign exchange trading in Nigeria, the market is becoming increasingly saturated with Forex brokers who provide...

Indirect tax developments in Sub-Saharan Africa

There have been significant developments in indirect tax within Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in the past year. The vast majority of developments have been based...

Zeepay hosts conference to mark international day of family remittances

Zeepay Company Limited, on Thursday June 16, 2022 hosted the second edition of Disrupt 270 Conference on the theme “Leveraging Remittances for Digital Inclusion and...


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Best Selling Rap Artist of All Time

Rapping is a very successful music genre and one of the most favourite music genres, if not the most favourite music genre. However, hip hop is more dominant in...

Gold Coast Elmina: How Africa’s Gold Changed The World

In the new documentary film titled “Gold Coast Elmina” Ghanaian author Seyram Agbleze tells the story of Elmina. In present day Ghana, Elmina remains only...

Ghana: Popular restaurant closed down over alleged mass food poisoning

Ghanaian authorities on Thursday closed down a branch of a popular restaurant in Ghana, Marwako following reports of alleged mass food poisoning. Several Twitter users...

British porn-watching MP resigns

A British MP, Neil Parish has announced he will be resigning as an MP after admitting he watched pornography twice in Parliament. He told the...

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