Uganda to receive African migrants from Israeli

Officials in Uganda have announced that they are considering a request from Israel to take in some 500 African migrants mostly from Eritrea and Sudan as the middle east country insists on evicting these migrants.

A Ugandan minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees,Musa Ecweru on Friday said in a statement that the government of the East African nation is in talks over such a deal.

Musa Ecweru said “The State of Israel working with other refugees’ managing organisations has requested Uganda to allow about 500 Eritreans and Sudanese to relocate to Uganda. The government and ministry are positively considering the request.”

African Migrants seeking refuge in Israel for some time now have been facing eviction from the Middle East country after a deal with the United Nations for their resettlement was canceled.

Israel had earlier agreed to a deal to end its plans to deport African migrants, months after making such a threat and progressing with arrangements for their exit.

The earlier deal with the United Nations refugee agency was reached for the resettlement of these migrants seeking asylum.

But Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu canceled the deal saying it took the decision after consulting residents of south Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants live.

He said “all options… to remove the infiltrators” are now in consideration leaving the fate of more than 30,000 migrants in disarray.

The UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR, has described the development a “disappointment”.

In January this year Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the intended deportation plan would affect about 38,000 migrants who entered the country illegally.

Each migrant was to be given up to $3,500 to leave to their home countries. All migrants who refused were be jailed from April.

Many of the immigrants from Eastern Africa mostly Eritrea and Sudan have said they fled their countries into the Middle East country seeking refuge.



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