Ugandan court worker suspended for wearing ‘tight dress’

A Ugandan court has suspended a clerk for wearing ” a very short and tight dress” to work. The court considers the action of the worker, Ms Namuwanga Rosemary a breach of the country’s strict dress code for public sector workers.

She has been informed in a letter about her two-week suspension.

The government in July this year issued a directive warning public servants to “dress decently”.

Female staff were told in that directive that dresses or skirts that are above the knees, sleeveless blouses or any clothing made out of see-through material will not be allowed, according to the BBC

Braids and extensions were also been banned. Men were also asked to wear long-sleeved shirts and ties and not brightly-coloured clothes.

The guidelines were issued by the Ministry of Public Service and were seen by many as directive intended to deal with female staff



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