Teargas fired at anti-government protesters in Zimbabwe

Tear gas was fired at anti-government protesters in Zimbabwe as people agitate over worsening economic conditions in the Southern African country.

The protest which took place in the capital Harare on Friday was disrupted by the police as pressure mounts on President Robert Mugabe who claimed some government officials are behind the economic crisis.

Zimbabwe is currently facing cash and fuel shortages due to poor economic management but President Mugabe said those shortages are “artificial” and were being created by some government officials bent on getting rid of him as President.

“We have people who are like the biblical Judas Iscariot within our government who created these shortages to advance their agenda of removing the president from office,” Mugabe said vowing to continue as President.

There have been Long queues at banks, supermarket and gas stations as people try to stack up food, money and fuel amid fears over the shortages.

Friday’s demonstrators were led by the anti-government pressure group Tajamuka (We Are Agitated) who have also demanded the resignation of central bank chief John Mangudya.

“We demonstrated against the worsening economic and fiscal crisis in the country,” Promise Mkwananzi, spokesperson for Tajamuka, told AFP by telephone.


Source: Africafeeds.com

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