Cameroon blocks internet service in Anglophone regions

Authorities in Cameroon on Monday blocked internet services to the country’s English-speaking areas as the government continues a crackdown on protesters seeking independence.

So far over 17 people have been reported dead after security forces opened fire on protesters on Sunday who defied an order not to hold rallies across the country.

The latest internet shutdown could worsen the plights of Anglophone Cameroonians who have complained about inhuman treatments for years now.

The country’s president Paul Biya is calling for dialogue after condemning the recent violence. Hundreds of people have been arrested in the crackdown.

Those living in the English speaking areas in Cameroon have accused the Francophone majority of discrimination.

Their concerns ranges from not getting jobs opportunities and having legal systems in French language imposed on them.

Those claims have been rejected by the government. Cameroon was colonised by Germany but was split into British and French areas after World War One.




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