Gambia: Campaign to bring Jammeh to justice launched

An international campaign has been launched by some Gambians seeking to have their former President Yahya Jammeh who is currently in exile in Equatorial Guinea brought to justice.

These Gambians who are victims of Jammeh’s regime launched the campaign on Saturday.

One of the campaigners, Fatoumatta Sandeng said “We will do whatever it takes to get justice, no matter how long it takes.”

AFP reported that Sandeng claims her father Solo Sandeng died in April 2016 when he was detained by Jammeh’s National Intelligence Agency.

Sandeng said in a statement from the Human Rights Watch that “The only thing that matters is that Jammeh and his accomplices are accountable.”

The campaign backed by local and international NGOs, is demanding that Jammeh be extradited to the Gambia to face trial.

Yahya Jammeh rule Gambia from 1994 to January 2017 when he was forced into exile after refusing to accept his defeat at the poll.

He lost the 2016 presidential election to current President, Adama Barrow who has promised reforms in his country.



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