Twitter expands its character limit

Social media giant Twitter has announced that it has expanded its character limit length from 140 to 280.

In a statement on its blog the company said the expansion is twice the length of its original limit with a test ran conducted back in September.

The company said that trial on selected platforms was a success.

Twitter said “Looking at all the data, we’re excited to share we’ve achieved this goal and are rolling the change out to all languages where cramming was an issue”.

The new changes should provide many users with the opportunity to express themselves with more characters.

Previous limits made it difficult for users to write or express themselves extensively. With the new changes Twitter said “Only five per cent of Tweets sent were longer than 140 characters and only two per cent were over 190 characters.”


“As a result, your timeline reading experience should not substantially change, you’ll still see about the same amount of Tweets in your timeline” Twitter added.

The new changes would not affect users in Asian countries of Japan, Korea, and China who will continue to have the 140 character limit.



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