Obama loses out on jury duty in Chicago

Former United States President Barack Obama is reported to have been dismissed by a judge in Chicago courthouse after he had arrived for a jury duty.

Mr. Obama arrived at the courthouse amid tight security hoping to be selected as a juror from among other fellow citizens to serve on a trial.

He was however not selected among others who according to the Chicago Tribune were also selected for dismissal.

The former President is said to have greeted those gathered saying “Thanks everybody for serving on the jury. Or, at least being willing to,” he said to laughter.

Obama, a former law professor is not the first US president to show interest in serving as a juror.

Former President George W Bush, responded to a jury summons in 2015 but was not selected to serve as a juror.

Obama and his wife Michelle still have a home in Chicago, and his future presidential centre is to be built near his home.


Source: Africafeeds.com

Source Africa Feeds

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