Kenyan men renting out their wives due to poverty

Some Kenyan men are reported to be renting out their wives to tourists visiting the East African nation due to poverty.

Aljazeera reported that these men are now able to feed their families and pay school fees after letting their wive spend nights with tourists especially in Kenya’s coastal communities.

A woman whose husband asked her to spend some nights with a tourist told Aljazeera that “My husband came home and asked me if I can act as his sister and take up the offer. After a few days of deliberation, I agreed.”

She said further that “Life was tough for us. My husband’s unpredictable income was not enough and when he asked me to accept, I had no choice.”

Although most of the men engaged in the practice are not happy, they are forced to let their wives spend days with tourists for the money. They however usually disguise their wives as their sisters just so the tourists can patronize them.

Kenya receives millions of tourists yearly with projected revenue of $100 million in tax earnings, according to the Kenya Tourism Board.

The East African country is one of the top tourist destinations for foreigners with beaches well patronized by visitors.

A local tourism officer Anthony Mwamunga told Aljazeera that officials can do little to stop prostitution and the  practice but said efforts are ongoing to train beach vendors and guides to gain skills earn a decent living.



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