Vaccines arrive in DR Congo to fight Ebola outbreak

Experimental Ebola vaccines have now arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo to enable health officials combat the spread of the virus.

The vaccines were seen according to Reuters to have been unloaded at the airport on Wednesday in Congo’s capital Kinshasa.

The vaccines were sent to the Central African country by the World Health Organisation and health officials have said that vaccination would start during the weekend.

Key focus will be placed on the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northwestern Equateur province, where dozens of others are suspected to have been infected.

4,000 doses of the vaccine are to be deployed to ensure that the outbreak is contained. 20 deaths have been recorded so far with the WHO on Monday saying 39 cases of the virus have been recorded between April 4 and May 13, including the 20 deaths.

DRC is recording the latest cases of the virus after over a year since the outbreak killed four people.

Over 11,000 people died from the deadly virus in 2014 when it hit West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The virus which is transmitted by bats was first discovered in DRC in 1976 and named after the Ebola river.



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