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Three Top Sports Kenyans Bet On

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Sports-betting has become so rampant in Kenya today. It’s not only about making extra cash, but also an excellent way to enjoy a game and its thrills.

The locals are passionate about sports, and this passion is boosted by placing bets on bookies like Betway.

After all, nothing compares to watching your favorite team win combined with the euphoria of making a profit.

In the sports betting market, several options are available for punters. They can choose to stick with the game they love and the team they know or be a bit adventurous to open up other avenues and focus on multiple options.

That can increase their earnings and offer them more significant opportunities to turn a profit.

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For Kenyans willing to try different competitions all over the world, the top sports for betting are pretty straightforward.

All these sports offer enthusiasts with thrilling action and make betting a vivacious activity with great opportunities to make a lot of money.

  • Athletics

As a sport activity, you can’t discuss athletics without mentioning Kenyans. The country is known worldwide for their outstanding performance in the sport, especially in long-distance races like the marathon.

That’s why 90% of the best bets placed on long-distance running are usually on Kenyan runners.

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During significant competitions like the Olympics, punters should have an easy time selecting the winners. Kenyans are also well-informed about the sport due to their high interest in the game and the fact that they religiously follow the athletes in both local and international competitions.

Due to their loyalty to their athletes, Kenyans also have vast knowledge on other competitive individuals from other countries like Ethiopia and Uganda.

That allows them to minimize their risk when placing bets on betway and boost their chances of making a profit. It also goes a long way in helping them identify the value in a bet.

  • Basketball

Judging Kenya from the face value, you’ll never guess that basketball has become so popular in the country. However, this game is among the favorite for punters trying to stay away from other sports events like athletics or football.

The team sport comprising of both skills and tact has the same characteristics as the Kenyan athletics, and it has gained a strong foothold in the country over the last decade.

On the global scene, Kenyans mainly love following and betting on the NBA. Its no wonder punters are always checking the NBA standings to narrow down the teams performing well.

That comes in handy in the long-run as it helps while betting during regular basketball season.

  • Cricket

Though Kenya is not taking part in the ongoing World Cup tournaments taking place in England, cricket remains in the heart of many locals.

The country is still struggling to get back its World Cup status that it had achieved in 2003, but cricket fans remain glued on their screens to enjoy every over and six.

For Kenyan punters, cricket is their second nature, and the world cup is a golden opportunity to make some money while keeping abreast with their favorite local sport.

Nonetheless, Kenyans remain hopeful that their team will make headlines again by defeating top contenders in the game.

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