Friday, September 30, 2022

Ghana’s President vows to deal with secessionist groups

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Elvis Adjetey
Elvis Adjetey
Elvis Adjetey is an experienced African journalist who has worked with top media brands in Ghana where he is based.
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Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo has vowed to deal with with secessionist groups seeking independence from the West African nation.

Some persons suspected to be members of the secessionist group called the Western Togoland study group foundation have been causing havoc in the Volta Region of Ghana.

This week they burnt down a state transport terminal and some vehicles after firing gun shots.

Last week members of the same group demanding Independence for Western Togoland also mounted road blocks to prevent vehicular movement.

They also took over police stations and seized vehicles and weapons. So far some 31 persons have been arrested and arraigned.

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They have provisionally been charged with conspiracy to attend a prohibited meeting, unlawful gathering and rioting.

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo Addo on Wednesday told local media that those causing the havoc are “just a handful of people”.

He adds that “We will deal with them. I have no doubt about it but there is no value for this country if I start making hysterical statements.

I trust the security agencies, the armed forces, the police, I trust their leadership and intelligence agencies and I know they are all working very hard to make sure that this matter is dealt with as quickly as possible.”

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Aggrieved residents of the disputed territory claim the processes that led to their merger with the then Gold Coast now Ghana were flawed.

They also claim that the Volta region lacked needed development hence the need to be an independent country on its own.

Leaders of the group declared independence for the territory on November 16, 2019 calling it the “Western Togoland”.


Ghana: Secessionist group burns buses, state transport terminal



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