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What else do players in Kenya bet on apart from football?

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The Kenyan betting industry is one of the biggest betting industry and it is believed to be the third- largest sports betting market in Africa.

To prove how big and powerful the Kenyan industry is, various Kenya betting companies were temporarily forced to end their operations in the year 2019, and the Kenyan betting regulator claimed at the time that it was owed $586.4 million in unpaid taxes and this will give you an idea of how much the industry is making.

Soccer is the most popular sport for betting in Kenya for the simple reason that it is arguably the most popular sport in Kenya and the world at large.

Kenyan punters enjoy betting on some of the popular leagues and tournaments like:

  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • EPL
  • Ligue 1
  • Europa League
  • UEFA Champions League and many others

You will notice that soccer gets a wider coverage on most sports betting sites because punters spend most of their money on soccer, in fact over 40% of bets are placed on soccer.

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This article seeks to find out which other sports the Kenyan punters bet on.

Besides soccer betting, there is quite a number of sports people bet on in Kenya like Tennis, Cricket, Rugby amongst other sports.

Tennis betting

Although Tennis is not as popular as soccer betting, Tennis is a good alternative for Kenyan punters who enjoy betting on this popular sport.

Tennis does not offers as many betting markets as soccer but several Kenyan punters have managed to win huge amounts of money on Tennis, but with Tennis, punters have to wager huge amounts of money in order to win big because the odds are relatively low.

Tennis offers punters a few tournaments to bet on during the year, and some betting sites like Odibets Kenya, are offering more and more markets on it.

Cricket betting

Cricket is also a popular sport in Kenya due to the fact that it is an easy sport to bet on and win.

The main reason why cricket is so popular is because there are some known favorites in cricket and there are also underdogs , and more often than not, the outcomes of Cricket matches are usually very easy to correctly predict.

Rugby betting

Rugby betting is popular with Kenyan punters because it presents punters with another wonderful winning alternative to other betting products offered. In 2017, rugby was second only to football regarding global popularity.

Rugby is a popular game in Kenya because it has more defined patterns than football. It is critical to note that rugby’s game play advancement can provide a comfortable in-play betting experience as it is easier to cut out potential game-changing events.

Boxing betting

Boxing is not as popular as sport as soccer, tennis or cricket but the sport is quite popular in Kenya when it comes to sports betting.

Kenyan bookmakers offer various types of bets on most rugby events, which are spread throughout the year. One of the main reasons why the sport is a popular betting sport is because boxers usually perform consistently, so odds can be reliable.

Boxing’s unique 10 or 12 round structure offers many betting possibilities.

MMA betting

Conor McGregor is the name that comes to mind when you hear about MMA, the sport is growing in popularity amongst Kenyan punters because it offers a fun way to bet.

The MMA is regarded as one of the hardest sports to predict and this means that the odds are quite high.

With MMA, punters enjoy the fact that they also get to experience the thrills brought about by the sport as anything can happen in the cage.

Small margins matter in this sport and it is this very nature that makes underdogs win more frequently than in any other sport and the punters in Kenya are starting to understand that and they are profiting.

eSports betting

The popularity of esports betting has grown exponentially in Kenya and the punters can’t have enough of this popular sport.

The Kenyan betting industry was under threat when corona virus was wreaking havoc in the region and eSports is one the product that kept the industry going and ever since then, the Kenyan punters are betting on popular games like Call of Duty, CS:GO, Dota 2, LOL, Overwatch and StarCraft.

Virtual betting

Kenya has a number of Virtual sports bettors most of which are the younger generation because the older generations are skeptical when it comes to new technologies.

Punters enjoy betting on virtual sports because it allows them to bet on sports that are out of season.

Virtual sports offers punters with several betting markets and fairly good odds depending on the bookmaker.

Casino betting

Ever since online Casino was allowed in Kenya, the Kenyan punters are enjoying betting on online Casino and the bookmakers are offering hundreds of Casino games which translate to several betting opportunities.

Punters have an opportunity to bet on Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Gameshows, the good thing is that the odds of winning in Casino are great.

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