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Business Advancements to Look Out For in 2022

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META: Read our list for all the tech that will make running a business easier.

If you are running a business, you will know that there is a lot to handle. You are constantly spinning plates, terrified of any that fall, because if one crashes to the ground, they all will.

Luckily there are advancements in technology that can make a lot of the running around that comes with running a business a lot easier.

Advancements online, advancements in software and advancements in hardware in the real world are all readily available to make the idea of stepping into the office on Monday a lot lighter on the mind. Read on for all the tech that will make running a business easier.

Social media retail

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Spearheaded by Facebook and Instagram mainly, social media platforms are turning into online shopping platforms. Feature after feature are being added to the Facebook and Instagram platforms, designed to increase spending directly from the site.

They attempt to cut out the middleman between marketers and sellers. Influencers post a photo with an item and users can simply click and be taken to the appropriate website.

But they are not the only platforms getting involved. Snapchat are offering AR that allows users to try on their clothes through their screen. Augmented reality allows users to pose with the clothing item superimposed onto their filmed body, letting customers try on a virtual version of the item before they buy it on the site provided with a link.

Meanwhile, TikTok and Pinterest are helping marketers take advantage of the obvious marketing benefits they each possess with online marketing guides. The guides outline how to reach audiences, by tapping into TikTok trends or Pinterest shopper personalities and appealing to those eyes.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing has revolutionised the marketing game. Not only is it far cheaper than traditional media marketing, but it’s also much more effective and accessible.

However, it is at its best when you know what you are doing. There are a lot of guides to digital marketing found online, but you might want to go the extra step and take a course.

Before you jump in, make sure you understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research, and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a means of marketing wherein you create content around the website being advertised, driving traffic to the site.

For example, if you were to market the best African betting site, you might embed it in an Instagram post featuring African football star George Weah. For more sports content, visit 10bet Ghana, which has finally launched in Africa, for all the latest coverage and a range of sports to bet on.

Remote work tech

More and more businesses are embracing remote work. Whether your employees prefer working from home to accommodate other responsibilities like children, or your line of work features a lot of business on the road, or you have a lot of clients that need meeting after meeting, you can use remote work software.

Lucky for you, there are a lot to choose from. Most of them offer the basic package of giving video and phone calls over an internet connection, meaning that you no longer need to pay for a landline, and if your employee is somewhere without a landline, like on a train or flight, you can still reach them.

Other features are that they can come with a shared calendar and contact list, so that anyone accessing the software can check when they are needed and who they are calling. Phone call software is the last step in taking most businesses, especially office work, online and can save your business a lot of money and time in commuting.

Smart security

Smart technology is taking off, and it is never more vital than in security. Businesses around the world are using smart technology to keep their premises and their resources safe.

Smart cameras feed right into your phone, allowing you to watch your door at any point in real time, and are also linked to your local police.

You also have remote control through your phone, so if an employee needs to get into the building and you aren’t there, you can allow them access through your phone.

Inside, smart card readers can double as employee ID cards, storing all the data of who this person is and what they have access to. You can update the access options as you see fit and the data storage in the card will tell you who has been where. If you see something is off or missing in a room, for example, you can check the data to see who was last in the room.

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