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Gaming Market Statistics in Tanzania: The Rise of the Gaming Industry

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Tanzania’s gaming business has established itself as a vital industry that contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. This article examines the primary findings of a market report on the Tanzanian gaming sector.

The study seeks to provide unique and important insight into all sorts of commercial gaming operations in Tanzania, covering growth patterns, key market players, consumer behavior, and other variables that are driving gaming expansion in Tanzania.

Sports Betting

As of 2022, sports betting Tanzania surpassed retail casinos as the country’s main gaming activity in terms of gross gaming revenue (GGR). Sports betting GGR was over TZS 72 billion in the fiscal year 2021/2022, with gaming tax income of around TZS 20 billion.

The popularity has been pushed by some enabling factors, such as the rapid advancement of smartphones, higher levels of internet and mobile penetration, increased advertising, the appeal of sports, and widespread usage of mobile money services.

An increasing youth population also contributed to the expansion of sports betting. By 2035, Tanzania’s population is expected to grow to 89 million. According to a Shikana Group poll, 89% of persons who engage in sports betting activities are between the ages of 18 and 34.

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If online sports betting continues to develop at its current rate, retail sports betting will be phased out gradually, as cheap mobile phones remain widely available and internet penetration levels are likely to rise.

Online Casinos

Their GGR increased by 97% from the previous year to TZS 13.8 billion. As more operators integrate online casinos into their platforms and more players know this new type of gaming, this trend is projected to continue soon.

The rapid expansion of online casinos is due to recent technology advancements and extensive use of mobile phones. Tanzania’s casino operators now have access to a host of clientele who do not dwell in the country’s capital. The increased demand for online gambling services has created new chances for operators to branch out from their typical brick-and-mortar businesses.

Tanzania’s internet user base has continuously grown from seven million in 2012 to over 45 million in 2022. Tanzania’s internet penetration trend is estimated to be 66% in December 2022. Because of the rise in domestic internet users, gaming companies that provide online services now have a larger consumer base to draw from.

Similarly, the rise of internet gaming services allows Tanzanian customers to gamble in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, rather than having to visit a retail gaming location.

Online casinos have also started to use “live” casino games, which involve a live dealer rather than an RNG. The dealer shuffles, deals, and handles games in front of players’ screens. Customers who want to play at their leisure and privacy but still want “realness” and a more engaging interactive experience can watch cards being mixed and roulette wheels being spun, just as they would in a regular casino.

Based on recent impressive growth trends, the Tanzanian online gaming market represents a potentially lucrative business opportunity for prospective investors.

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