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How to Boost Your Odds at Winning in eSports Betting?

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Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, applying these techniques will tremendously improve your chances and enhance your enthusiasm for the game.

This exhaustive guide on esports betting is meant for everyone interested in exploring esports.

For Beginners

Start Small

Imagine that you start your eSports betting career with a $20 deposit. Beginners frequently make the error of placing their entire cash on one or two small wagers, ranging from $5 to $20. However, it is not sensible to risk your total balance on your first few wagers.

Generally, the more wagers you make, the more skilled you get. Similarly, the more bets you place, the greater your likelihood of winning! Instead of risking significant quantities, it is prudent to utilize an alternative method such as percentage staking. 

Choose a proportion of your overall bankroll, such as 10 to 20%. Then, place a bunch of small bets restricted to that amount instead of risking it all on a single wager.

Do Your Homework

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Every successful eSports wagerer has invested substantial time researching, observing, or playing their preferred game.  Not to mention that some professional games and esports matchups are simpler to comprehend, analyze, and wager on than others. League of Legends, for instance, has excellent technical and mechanical depth. 

A comprehensive understanding of metagame strategies is essential for participation. While the same might be said about Counter-Strike regarding generations of tactical discipline, the FPS genre makes the main gameplay mechanics more accessible to newbies.

If you are unaware of your favorite eSports game, you should explore it or study it extensively. As with traditional sports such as professional football, watching your favorite opponents is an excellent way to learn the technical nuances of a game.

Most eSports competitors find time to stream during their daily schedules. Thus, going onto platforms and observing their playstyle is an excellent beginning point for novices or bettors interested in specific competitors.

Play It Safe

Even though it sounds absurd, you must understand that large numbers are the most alluring! Take it easy, do your homework, and avoid wagers that make you queasy or are impossible to win.

Wait until you’ve established your budget and are betting with a surplus. You will become competent at assessing potential risk variables before placing bets as your comfort level with betting increases.

For Seasoned Players

Keep Sheets

When placing numerous bets, specifically using methods such as Percentage Staking, it can be just as easy to lose track of your wagers as it is to monitor your bankroll.

Most devoted players maintain spreadsheets or tables that track their overall bankroll, bets and associated odds, daily losses and gains, and the betting site. This will allow you to monitor expansive tactics such as matched betting and arbitrage easily.

Matched betting is a method that tries to reduce the risk of your initial wagers by taking advantage of the promotions offered by online sportsbooks. 

Utilize Practice Sheets

It is essential to learn about practice sheets. Using practice sheets allows you to train. You must maintain sheets, as described above, but study hypothetical wagers with your allocated play money on actual games. This will help you to fine-tune your strategies before investing real money!

Whether you are making bets for the very first time or experimenting with new, more complex methods, training alongside a live match is an excellent way to enhance your abilities and expand your betting knowledge.

Separate Your Finances

When betting online, you will typically put funds into a “Real Cash Balance.” Beginners usually adhere to a single site, but combining more advanced methods and participating in multiple sites can make it challenging to manage your bankroll.

Although it is not necessary to use numerous betting sites, and if you do, a basic spreadsheet will suffice, having a separate account for betting cash can be a godsend.

This does not imply that you need to have an entirely separate bank account. Still, your betting record should be distinct from your principal direct debit and used solely for betting endeavors.

This allows you to conveniently track your deposits, wins, losses, and withdrawals. It is typically advised not to use a credit card or an account with an overdraft. The simple reason is that wagering with money that isn’t yours is a huge red flag and possibly an indication that you should stop for a while!

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