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Chinese ‘police stations’ operating in Africa

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The Chinese government is operating its own police stations in Nigeria, Tanzania and Lesotho to deal with criminal activities of its citizens abroad.

This Chinese form of policing has seen the Asian giant refuse to cooperate with local policing authorities in foreign countries while establishing its own methods of dealing with its alleged criminal citizens.

According to an investigative document by the rights group, Safeguard Defenders, titled, ‘110 Overseas Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild,’ China “prefers…to cooperate with (United Front-linked) overseas ‘NGOs’ or ‘civil society associations’ across continents.”

The Chinese policing stations are now present in over 20 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, according to the investigative document.

“Setting up an alternative policing and judicial system within third countries, and directly implicating those organisations in the illegal methods employed to pursue ‘fugitives’,” is China’s strategy in this new model it is operating, the group revealed.

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Safeguard Defenders revealed that China selected nine countries as having serious fraud, telecom fraud and web crimes, and Chinese nationals were no longer allowed to stay in those countries without “good reason.”

“While establishing these operations to hunt down those accused of fraud and telecommunications fraud, China identified nine countries particularly prone to hosting Chinese nationals engaging in such criminal activities,” the Safeguard Defenders explained.

China’s official statements explained that some actions taken to deal with offending citizens is depriving suspects’ children of the right to education back in China, taking actions against relatives and family members.

Safeguard Defenders said China’s use of threats and intimidation to target suspects abroad, is now becoming an endemic problem.

“Whether the targets are dissidents, corrupt officials or low-level criminals, the problem remains the same: The use of irregular methods — often combining carrots with sticks — against the targeted individual or their family members in China undermines any due process and the most basic rights of suspects,” the group further stated.

Many Chinese nationals across Africa have been reported to be engaged all kinds of illegal and criminal activities.

Often prosecuting them becomes a hurdle for some of these African countries who many a time just deport them.


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