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Tunisians mark Saied’s two years in power with protests

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Isaac Kaledzi
Isaac Kaledzi
Isaac Kaledzi is an experienced and award winning journalist from Ghana. He has worked for several media brands both in Ghana and on the International scene. Isaac Kaledzi is currently serving as an African Correspondent for DW.

Hundreds of Tunisians have staged a street protest in the capital, Tunis to mark the second anniversary of President Kais Saied’s seizure of power.

They have called for an end to his rule asking for the immediate release of detained opposition leaders.

About 300 people gathered on the central Habib Bourguiba Avenue on Tuesday at pro-opposition organized rally.

President Saied shut down parliament in what is considered a seizure of power in 2021. He then passed a new constitution that gives him near total authority.

He was elected in 2019 before expanding his powers, an act he has defended saying they would save Tunisia from the chaos and rampant corruption.

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“Saied changed all law, all political system for the worse … If there is an imminent danger, it is Kais Saied”, Abir Moussi, leader of the Free Constitution Party group told supporters.

This is not the first time Tunisians have hit the streets to protest against President Saied. There have been similar agitations couple of months ago.

There have also been concerns about Tunisia’s handling of the plights of black Africans in Tunisia. Many of them have suffered waves of racist violence.

It follows controversial comments from President Saïed, that there was a conspiracy to change the Arab-Muslim country’s demographics.

Tunisia has been dealing with a migration crisis as it has become the main departure point for migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

The European Union signed a deal with Tunisia to strategically fight illegal migration.


African migrants flee Tunisia amid racial crackdown


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