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Here are the world’s most priciest passports

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Isaac Kaledzi
Isaac Kaledzi
Isaac Kaledzi is an experienced and award winning journalist from Ghana. He has worked for several media brands both in Ghana and on the International scene. Isaac Kaledzi is currently serving as an African Correspondent for DW.

The list of the world’s most expensive passports to acquire has been revealed in a new report issued by Compare the Market AU.

The group said in a statement that in arriving at the list, travel insurance comparison experts compiled a list of passport fees around the world and compared them based on price, years valid and power – finding some nations’ passport power can come with a high price tag.

South Africa and Kenya ranked among the least expensive passports per the research. They ranked 4th and 5th respectively on the list of least expensive passports.

Mexico, Australia and the USA ranked higher on the most expensive list despite having powerful passports.

These countries have higher passport fees compared to other countries.

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Mexico had the most expensive passport on the list, costing a staggering USD$231.05 for a passport valid for 10 years.

But nations such as the UAE, Hungary and Spain who also have powerful passports had them still costing much less than other nations in the study.

The UAE, India and Hungary were the three cheapest passports in the study, costing only $17.70, $18.07 and $20.75 respectively.

The research compared 29 passports using three metrics:

  1. The overall cost to obtain the passport
  2. The value of the passport based on how many years it is valid for
  3. The value of the passport based on the number of countries the holder can visit without a visa.

These were the five most expensive passports in the study:

Rank Nation  Cost of passport (USD) Valid for (years) Visa free countries USD / year
25 New Zealand  $126.41 10 190  $12.64
26 Mexico (6 years)  $131.94 6 162  $21.99
27 USA  $165.00 10 189  $16.50
28 Australia  $225.78 10 190  $22.58
29 Mexico (10 years)  $231.05 10 162  $23.11


And the five least expensive passports in the study:

Rank Nation  Cost of passport (USD) Valid for (years) Visa free countries USD / year
1 UAE  $17.70 5 183  $3.54
2 India  $18.07 10 62  $1.81
3 Hungary  $20.75 5 188  $4.15
4 South Africa  $31.61 10 108  $3.16
5 Kenya  $32.16 10 76  $3.22


Compare the Market’s Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor, said the study revealed the importance of keeping your travel documents safe while overseas.

“Damage, loss or theft of your passport is an unfortunate risk many people face while overseas,” Mr Taylor said.

“It is important to stay vigilant and take care of these vital documents, as even minor damage can stop you from travelling in some instances.

“If your passport is lost, damaged or stolen while overseas, it is important to contact the relevant authorities as fast as possible, as in some cases you could be charged or fined if you cannot present appropriate and valid identification.”

To view the full tables and results, visit:


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