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Obama and Bush speak against US divisions

Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush have voiced concern about the current political climate in the US, in comments seen as a veiled rebuke of Donald Trump's leadership.

Obama back to the political arena

Barack Obama is returning to the political arena for the first time in months after keeping a low profile and avoiding direct confrontation with his White House successor.

Trump wants Clinton re-match in 2020

US President Donald Trump on Monday suggested he would beat former rival Hillary Clinton in a 2020 rematch, encouraging the Democrat to try her luck against him in the next presidential campaign.

Trump’s wives Ivana and Melania clash

US First Lady Melania Trump accused her husband's first wife Ivana of making "attention-seeking and self-serving noise" Monday, after the former Mrs Trump jokingly referred to herself as the first lady while trying to sell her memoirs.

US shooter’s girlfriend returns to US

The girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock returned to the United States on Wednesday from the Philippines, as authorities in Manila said they were looking into reports he transferred $100,000 to her.

NFL players continue protest in defiance of Trump

NFL players continued their anthem protests in defiance of US President Donald Trump in Sunday's matches. About half of the San Francisco 49ers knelt for the anthem before their match at Arizona with their team-mates standing just behind…

Trump’s health secretary resigns

President Donald Trump's embattled health secretary was forced out of the US administration Friday, amid a scandal over his use of costly private jets for government travel.

AU slams Trump for US travel ban on Chad

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has been slammed by the African Union following his decision to include Chad in the latest US travel ban list.