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IMF gives warning on Zimbabwe’s economy

The IMF has warned that Zimbabwe's economic situation remains very difficult. The fund's mission chief for Zimbabwe Gene Leon told Reuters news agency that immediate action was crucial to reduce the deficit, accelerate structural reforms…

Zimbabweans hope for the best under Mnangagwa

There is high level of hope for a better economic transformation in Zimbabwe ahead of the inauguration of Mnangagwa as the interim president of the country after Robert Mugabe resigned after staying in power for 37 years.

End of an era as Mugabe resigns as President

Robert Mugabe has finally resigned as President of Zimbabwe after series of demands and calls for him to do so. It brings to an end his reign as leader of the Southern African country for the past 37 years.

Mnangagwa calls on President Mugabe to resign

The sacked vice president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnanagagwa has said that President Robert Mugabe must resign to protect his legacy as he refuses to return to the country until his personal security is guaranteed.

Zimbabweans pray for Mugabe to step down

Zimbabweans on Monday gathered in Africa Unity Square near the country’s Parliament and prayed to God to touch the heart of their President Robert Mugabe to step down.