Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Middle East

Two million pilgrims in Mecca for hajj

Two million Muslims from across the globe are converging on Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage, a religious duty and for some pilgrims the journey of a lifetime.

Over 23 die as Indian religious leader gets jail term for rape

At least 23 people have been killed in violent protests over the rape conviction of a popular religious leader in north India.

Iraqi forces make strides in retaking Tal Afar

Iraqi forces on Tuesday recaptured from the Islamic State group the first three districts of jihadist bastion Tal Afar as the Pentagon chief visited Baghdad in a show of support.

India’s top court bans Islamic instant divorce

India's top court on Tuesday banned a controversial Islamic practice that allows men to divorce their wives instantly, ending a long tradition that many Muslim women had fiercely opposed.

Trump commits to open-ended Afghan war

Reversing course from his campaign pledges, President Donald Trump on Monday night committed the United States to an open-ended conflict in Afghanistan, signaling he would dispatch more troops to America's longest war and vowing "a fight to win."

Gunfire after explosions hit Afghan capital

Afghan police say a suicide attack has taken place outside the Iraqi embassy in the capital, Kabul. Gunfire was heard following several explosions in the...

Pakistan in crisis after the ousting of PM Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan's Supreme Court on Friday disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from public office over long-running corruption allegations, a decision that ousts him from the...

Israel removes metal detectors from holy site

Israel removed metal detectors from a highly sensitive Jerusalem holy site in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday and said they would no longer be...

Kabul suicide car bomb kills 24

A suicide car bomb has exploded in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 24 people, officials have told the BBC. At least 42 were...

16 Afghan police killed in US strike

A US airstrike killed 16 Afghan police and wounded two others in Helmand province, officials said Saturday. The incident took place Friday 5 pm as...

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