South African minister faces charges for assaulting 2 women

A deputy minister of education in South Africa has been charge by the police for slapping and assaulting two women at a nite club in Johannesburg.

Mduduzi Manana is reported by local media to have admitted to the offence which he committed after his victims called him gay.

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Eyewitness in South Africa reported that a recorded telephone conversation between Manana and one of the victim’s brother posted on social media, revealed he admitting to the incident which occurred on Sunday morning.

One of the victims, named Mandisa Duma and a friend were reported to have engaged in a heated debate with Manana over who replaces President Jacob Zuma in December.

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In the voice clip posted on social media, Manana was heard confirming slap a woman.

“Yes, I slapped her.”

South Africa’s police department has confirmed that a case of assault has been opened against the deputy Higher Education Minister.



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