Mugabe slams Mandela, blames him for SA’s economic problems

The President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has slammed the late Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa blaming him for the economic issues confronting his country.

Mr. Mugabe, 93 said Nelson Mandela cherished his personal freedom over the economic freedom of his people when he became president thereby ensuring that “everything” in South Africa “is in the whites’ hands.”

Mugabe was told party supporters in Shona on Friday that “What was the most important thing for (Mandela) was his release from prison and nothing else. He cherished that freedom more than anything else and forgot why he was put in jail,”

Mr. Mugabe who was quoted by news website said his comments are also shared by ministers in President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet.

“I was in South Africa recently talking to a minister in President Jacob Zuma’s office and I did ask him how they have handled the land issue after attaining independence. I did ask him why they left the whites with everything. He answered my question in English and said: ‘Ask your friend Mandela.'”

The Zimbabwean President has been fighting white dominance in his country by seeking to return ownership of lands to natives of South Africa. This has led to several agitations from the white population in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe said Mandela’s biggest mistake was leaving the control of land and other industries in the hands of whites.

“They (whites) are in control of land, industries and companies and are now the employers of the blacks. These blacks have failed to liberate themselves from white supremacy all because of what Mandela did,” Mugabe added.



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