Kenya’s opposition boycotts opening of parliament

Kenya’s opposition lawmakers  on Tuesday boycotted the opening of the country’s parliament which was addressed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The ceremony which saw the newly elected lawmakers taking their oath of office was also skipped by the country’s Supreme Court judges who according to local media reported said they were not invited.

Opposition National Super Alliance said its members stayed way because President Kenyatta cannot open the parliament when he is expected to participate in a re-run of the presidential election.

President Kenyatta in his speech to the new lawmakers said the Constitution is clear that the term of a president ends when another is sworn in.

“No matter the political noises that are loudest during elections, I want to assure every Kenyan and the world that every arm of government is in place and operational. There is no void and there is no lacuna; Kenya is progressing along the path drawn for it by the Constitution,” he said.

Kenyatta further said that he has “previously demonstrated this fidelity to the best interests of the Kenyan people, as happened when I conceded the loss of an election in 2002. You will also recall that I heeded the summons from a foreign court even though I knew I was answering trumped-up charges.”

“I urge all political leaders to avoid engaging in divisive and destructive politics that have no place in modern Kenya. For my part, I know that my most serious obligation is to sustain and protect the peace and security of all our people without exception,” he said urging peace ahead of the re-run of polls.



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