More deaths recorded in Madagascar from plague

More deaths have been recorded in Madagascar from the plague outbreak which has hit the Island country over the past two months. The death toll has now risen to 30 according to officials on Wednesday.

A Health official Manitra Rakotoarivony said in a statement that “We have recorded 194 suspected cases of plague, including 30 deaths.”

The UN health agency, the World Health Organisation has announced that it is intensifying efforts at containing the spread of plague in Madagascar.

The WHO said it is deploying further staff and supplies amid concerns the disease could spread further because cases have already been reported in several cities.

Health officials said the recent outbreak has created panic among people in country’s east coastal community.

The African Island nation has the world’s highest incidence of the bacterial infection.

Madagascar is exceptionally susceptible to the plague due to persistent poverty, poor sanitation and a lack of health care, conditions that aid the spread of the plague.

Plague can be diagnosed and easily treated with common antibiotics. Victims can develop painful lymph-node swelling.



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