Kenyatta wants petitions against his victory dismissed

The President of Kenya has asked his country’s Supreme Court to dismiss two petitions filed against his October 26 victory.

On Sunday Uhuru Kenyatta filed more than 10 affidavits in opposition to the two petitions saying that the petitioners have made unsubstantiated claims.

Daily Nation reported that the President said the petitioners are no more than surrogates, agents and mouthpieces of the opposition coalition Nasa and its leaders.

“Accordingly, it is deceitful and misleading for the petitioners to masquerade as bona fide defenders of the public interest,” Kenyatta said in a statement.

“The 3rd respondent states that the petition herein consists of a flip-flopped and distorted narrative, which fails to represent the true position in Kenya following the annulment of the results of the Presidential Elections that were held on 8th August 2017,” the president said.

On the contrary, he says, there are constitutional, statutory and judicial pronouncements that leave no shadow of doubt that nominations are not required during a fresh presidential election.

The opposition leader in Kenya, Raila Odinga has already described the repeat presidential election held on October 26 as a “fraud” and vowed not to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta and his government.

Odinga has said that his party the National Super Alliance (Nasa) would push for the formation of a People Assembly to govern the country until fresh election is held to elect what he called legitimate executive.



Source Africa Feeds

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