Former SA minister fined for assaulting women

A former South African minister, Mduduzi Manana has been fined $7,000 for assaulting three women in August this year by a court.

The former deputy minister of higher education and training was found guilty of the crime and would now have to pay the fine or face a jail term.

Mduduzi Manana admitted assaulting the women at a Johannesburg nightclub, after one of them accused him of being a gay.

In a cellphone recording of Manana talking to one of the victims’ brothers shortly after the assault, Manana says he slapped the woman because she called him gay.

In the voice clip posted on social media, Manana was heard confirming slap a woman.

“Yes, I slapped her.”

Manana claimed he had been “extremely provoked”.

Shortly after the incident Manana reigned from his post.




Source Africa Feeds

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