Somaliland: Citizens vote in presidential poll, social media blocked

The people of Somaliland are voting to elect a new President with over 700,000 voters expected to participate in the electoral process on Monday.

An iris-based biometric voting system is to be used for the election according to the election officials.

Ink is being put on people’s fingers to show they have voted. Photo: BBC

The election is being contested by three candidates with more than 60 observers monitoring the process.

One of the observers, Susan Mwape from Zambia, told the BBC that her group will be monitoring all aspects of the election.

Social media sites have been blocked to prevent what officials said is the spread of “fake news and misinformation” about the election.

Previous elections have been peaceful with the Observers from 24 countries expected to monitor this month’s election.

Polls have opened in Somaliland presidential election. Photo: BBC

The Republic of Somaliland declared independence in 1991 and has been internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia.

The Islamic state has a population of about 3.5 million.



Source Africa Feeds

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