Kenya’s opposition determined to ‘inaugurate’ Odinga

The Kenyan opposition coalition the National Super Alliance (NASA) has announced that it is resolute in its quest to inaugurate its leader Raila Odinga as the “people’s president”.

On Wednesday leaders of the coalition said all is set for the event scheduled for December 12.

Raila Odinga last month told his supporters that he will also take the oath of office as “the people’s president”.

He said at a rally in Nairobi that just like President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was sworn in as president, he will also be sworn in as “the people’s president” next Tuesday.

Some of his supporters had accused him of “cowardice” for refusing to go by the Nasa plan in an earlier media report.

But Mr. Odinga said “I am not a coward, I will be sworn as president on Jamhuri Day, I am the legitimate president.”

There have been calls for the opposition to call off the planned swearing in ceremony but in a statement delivered by his adviser Salim Lone, Mr Odinga dismissed calls to call off the event.



Source Africa Feeds

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