ANC holds final meeting on Zuma’s future

The leader of the ruling African National Congress in South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that a final meeting on the future of the country’s President Jacob Zuma will take place on Monday.

The special meeting on Monday is considered to be the final attempt to push Mr. Zuma out of office after several attempts in past weeks failed.

President Zuma’s tenure since 2009 has been characterized by corruption allegations with several failed impeachment attempts.

The South African president however is facing another no-confidence vote in the national assembly later this month and the ANC wants to get rid of him before the said motion is debated.

Ramaphosa told a rally in Cape Town on Sunday that “The National Executive Committee of the ANC will be meeting tomorrow (Monday) to discuss this very matter, and because our people want this matter to be finalised, the NEC will be doing precisely that.”

Last week Ramaphosa said “We will be able to communicate further on President Zuma’s position as President of the Republic once we have finalised all pertinent matters.”

Meanwhile there are indications from the Zuma camp that he is not willing to go quietly after one of her wives, Thobeka Madiba-Zuma, announced that her husband isn’t going anywhere as pressure mounts on him to resign.

Madiba-Zuma shared a picture of herself and President Zuma on Instagram on Friday with the saying “Kuzoshuba ungalwi nomuntu ongalwi nawe”.

The post loosely translated means “It’s going get rough, don’t fight with someone who is not fighting you”.

Madiba-Zuma also reacted to a comment on the post saying “Zuma did not join the ANC in 1991, jumped ship or hip-hopped between the struggle and wealth accumulation”.

Zuma’s wife ended saying “Zuma will finish what he started because he doesn’t take orders beyond the Atlantic Ocean”.



Source Africa Feeds

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