Rwandan radio station shutdown for denigrating women

A radio station in Rwanda has been shutdown for denigrating women after a sermon was aired reportedly vilifying women.

Rwanda’s media watchdog on Monday ordered the US-owned Christian radio station to be closed for three months for the said offence.

The radio station, Amazing Grace FM according to local media, broadcast a sermon by a local pastor on January 29, calling women dangerous, evil and against the plans of God.

There was outrage across Rwanda following the broadcast leading to the filing of complaints from the National Women’s Association and the Women’s Journalist Association to the Rwanda Media Commission.

The chairman of the Rwanda Media Commission, Edmund Kagire said “The sermon was denigrating women in the most vile manner.”

Kagire demanded that the station and preacher, Nicolas Niyibikora “issue a public apology for the damage they have caused.”

Rwanda following the 1994 genocide sparked by excess in media broadcast decided to exert strong control over its media.



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