People of Burundi are the unhappiest on earth

Burundi has been named the least happy country in the latest UN’s annual World Happiness Report which ranked 156 countries.

The World Happiness Report  was done based on factors including life expectancy, social freedom and absence of corruption with Finland topping the chart for 2018, replacing Norway.

Norway, came in second place in the 2018 report followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

Co-editor of the report John Helliwell who is a professor emeritus of economics at the University of British Columbia said “The top five countries all have almost equally high values for the six factors found to support happiness, and four of these countries — Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland — have been in first place in the six World Happiness Report rankings since the first report.”

The United States was ranked in 18th place, other major powers like Germany came in 15th place, while the United Kingdom was 19th. Japan came in 54th place, Russia came in 59th place and China came in 86th.

Burundi placed 154th place in 2017 but placed bottom this year, followed by Central African Republic 155, South Sudan 154, Tanzania 153 and Yemen 152.



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