Ghana to invest $75million in curbing road crashes

Ghana’s government has announced it would be investing some $75 million (GHC 335 million) yearly in various projects aimed at curbing the rising road crashes in the West African nation.

27 people were killed over the weekend in separate road accidents in parts of the country, according to local media, re-igniting the need for drastic action to prevent further deaths.

The government in a statement on Monday revealed intention to implement an action plan which includes intensifying education and supporting such a program with the needed funding.

A statement from the country’s information ministry said “Following the upsurge in road accidents, the President, setup a three-man committee to develop a plan to help cure the menace.”

Focus will also be placed on “enforcement of Road Traffic Laws by the Police through spot fines by automation” and partnering “with private towing companies and Nationwide Traffic Management and Enforcement Limited to vigorously enforce regulations” the statement added.

Ghana has in recent past lost many prominent personalities through road crashes with citizens complaining about the poor state of roads across the country.



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