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Prostitutes in Ghana “too broke”, pay taxi fares with sex

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Some commercial sex workers in Ghana’s capital Accra are reportedly paying their taxi fares with sex since they are too broke.

They are hardly making enough sales through their escapades and the only way to pay for their taxi fares is to offer sex in return.

Local newspaper The Spectator reported that some drivers who often pick up these commercial sex workers are getting worried.

Some of them are just getting agitated to be offered sex by these prostitutes as payments.

One driver told The Spectator that he had picked a lady around 5am local time.

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But the lady told him she could not afford the fare because she didn’t make enough sales and rather offered sex as payment.

“I quickly parked the vehicle and she opened the door and laid down at the passenger’s seat with her legs wide open and a condom in her hand and I ordered her to get down from the car, and drove off,” he added.

The man however told the newspaper that he had to let the lady go since he turned down the offer to have sex with her.

Another taxi driver confirmed the phenomenon saying “That is what some of us have been going through and we cannot ask them to go away with the money just like that, they either have to pay in cash or in kind for the fuel used.”

Taxi drivers in Accra have now been alerted of the emerging trend in order not to be taken off guard.




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