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Burundi: 6-year old YouTube star killed by malaria

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At the age of six Darcy Irakoze, known as Kacaman took YouTube by storm with his popular comedy sketches.

He was destined to shine further and build an astonishing career even as a kid, but that will not happen.

The Burundi star has died of Malaria on Thursday after being diagnosed of the disease on Wednesday.

His manager confirmed hi death. Kacaman, a primary school pupil performed online and in theaters.

Kacaman’s death paints a devastating picture of how Malaria continues to kill many people in Burundi especially children.

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This year alone more than 1,800 people in Burundi have died of Malaria, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Since January this year, more than five million cases have been recorded.

Malaria’s impact in Africa

UNICEF has said that in Africa, Malaria claims the lives of more than 2,500 children each day.

Malaria is one of the main killers of children in Africa.

Some African countries this year piloted a Malaria vaccine that is to help fight the disease further.

In 2017 the World Health Organization announced that Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi will take part in the malaria vaccine implementation programme (MVIP).

he injectable vaccine, RTS,S, was developed to protect young children from the most deadly form of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum.

RTS,S will be assessed in the pilot programme as a complementary malaria control tool that could potentially be added to the core package of WHO- recommended measures for malaria prevention.




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