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SA man who raped child in restaurant toilet convicted

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A 21-year old South African man Nicholas Ninow who raped a seven year old in a restaurant toilet has been convicted of the crime.

He was found guilty of the crime which took place last year.

Police say the girl was raped by Ninow who followed her into the women’s restroom.

He then pulled the girl into a men’s washroom before raping her at a Pretoria eatery.

During his trial Ninow pleaded guilty and explained that he had gone into the toilets to take drugs when he saw the girl.

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He claimed to have acted on impulse but his plea was rejected by the Judge.

Judge Mokhine Mosopa said “The only reasonable inference the court can draw is that the accused saw the victim playing in the play area, saw her going to the bathroom, followed her and then undressed and raped her.”

During the trial the victims mother testified that she found Ninow naked in the bathroom with her daughter.

She said Ninow told people who wanted to rescue the girl during the rape incident not to disturb him as they tried to force the toilet stall open to rescue the girl.

South Africa is among the top countries globally with with one of the highest incidences of rape.




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