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Uganda: Father and daughter arrested for giving fake coronavirus vaccine

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A Ugandan father and his daughter have been arrested by Police for allegedly giving people a fake vaccine against the coronavirus.

The pair claimed the said vaccine could prevent people from being infected with the Covid-19 disease.

According to local media reporting, Police received information on Friday about the activities of the two suspects in the district of Mayuge, east of the capital, Kampala.

The suspects reportedly gave concoction to people to protect them against the coronavirus.

Police say investigations are ongoing into the incident and have released the two on bail.

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Meanwhile samples of the concoction are being tested in a government forensic laboratory in Kampala.

Uganda is yet to record any case of Covid-19 but Africa so far has confirmed over 100 cases across ten countries.

Burkina Faso was the latest African country to report of the virus with two cases.

The patients are a couple, one of whom recently returned from France.

They are currently quarantined in hospital. Burkina Faso becomes the 6th sub-Saharan African country to report positive cases of coronavirus.

Egypt (59), Algeria (20) and Nigeria (2) Tunisia (5), Togo (1), Cameroon (2), Morocco (2), Burkina Faso (2), South Africa (7) and Senegal (4) are the cases so far.

The continent has also recorded its first Coronavirus death in Egypt, where the first case on the continent was also confirmed.



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