Wednesday, May 31, 2023

DR Congo records second death from Ebola infection in days

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The World Health Organization has confirmed a second death from the deadly Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo just couple of days after confirming a new case.

DR Congo was just days away from declaring the recent outbreak of the virus over before that hope was dashed with the report of a new case on Friday in the eastern city of Beni.

The latest death from the virus involves an 11-month-old girl, who was treated at the same health centre as the previous case, a 26-year-old electrician.

Boubacar Diallo, deputy incident manager for the WHO’s Ebola response said it is not clear how the electrician contracted Ebola.

DR Congo health officials said the electrician had no known contacts with other Ebola patients. He also is not a survivor of the virus to possibly relapse.

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Diallo said Health officials have now identified 215 people who came into contact with the electrician, including 53 health workers at three facilities he visited before his death.

More than 3,400 people have been infected and 2,200 have died in the DR Congo since the previous outbreak was announced almost two years ago.

DR Congo is now fighting the outbreak of Coronavirus, Ebola and measles, all deadly infections.


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