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Online safety guide for young Africans launched amid Covid-19

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Two international organizations, Child Online Africa and Tactical Tech have collaborated to launch guidelines for online users especially children across Africa.

The guidelines focus on how users can work and explore on the internet while remaining safe and avoid falling victim to data theft.

As Africa and the rest of the world continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic, children and other online users are spending more time on the internet.

They are also becoming vulnerable to several abuses and attacks and the safety guidelines according to the authors would be useful.

Some of the tips provided in the guide book also available online for download include deleting and emptying trashes of items users will not use anymore.

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Online users are also advised to search for specific information and not give out irrelevant personal information.

According to authors of the guideline, online users must also delete old social media and email accounts to clean up their online presence.

The executive director of Child Online Africa, Awo Aidam Amenyah told Africa Feeds that “this guide book would greatly help to protect the wellbeing, privacy and safety of young people and all users of the internet.”

She said amid the Covid-19 pandemic where more engagements are happening online “It is important people prioritize their safety online and avoid being vulnerable.”

Amenyah said “for us it about promoting sanity online and making the space safe for all users so people can take control of their data online.”



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