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Liberia’s Vice President flown to Ghana with ‘respiratory complications’

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The Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard-Taylor has been flown to Ghana for health treatment.

The government said she was sent to Ghana on Tuesday after developing “respiratory complications”.

The vice president was being treated at a private clinic in the capital, Monrovia for four days but doctors decided to send her to Ghana for further treatment.

Mrs Taylor’s office though rejected claims she had contracted Covid-19, which is also a deadly respiratory disease.

Taylor, 56, is an ex-wife of jailed former Liberian President Charles Taylor.

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She partnered ex-footballer and now president George Weah in 2018 under a coalition arrangement for the elections.

The coalition won with her becoming vice president although she clashed with Weah in the early years of the administration.

Taylor has often complained of not being treated like the second in command.

Years of civil war had significantly impacted the health care system of Liberia 17 years ago after that fighting ended.

Seeking healthcare abroad has been the way out for many of the powerful and rich in society.

Many Liberians have been speaking out about Mrs Taylor’s transfer to Ghana for further treatment with calls for the government to fix the broken health care system.


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