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Ghanaian pastor allegedly shoots wife dead in Florida

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Police in US city of Orlando, Florida have arrested a Ghanaian pastor for allegedly shooting his wife dead.

Sylvester Ofori is said to have killed his wife Barbara Tommey, 27 just outside an Orlando credit union building where she works.

CCTV camera captured the crime, which led to the arrest of Sylvester Ofori at his private residence.

Ofori however fled the scene of the incident after shooting his wife multiple times.

Police arrested and charged him with first-degree murder with a firearm.

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Navy Federal Credit Union in a statement said “This morning, a team member was fatally injured during an act of violence outside our Millenia branch, by a man she knew, according to the police.

“Our thoughts are with our team member’s family. Our number one priority is keeping both our members and team members safe.

We will ensure all team members at the branch are provided with the support they need during this time. Any further information can be provided by the Orlando Police Department,” the statement read.

Police Chief Orlando Rolon said “You can tell that she’s trying to get inside. Unfortunately, he shoots her outside of the establishment.”

Orlando police Det. Matthew Rogers also said the suspect “does have quite a large social media following where he speaks to his followers. Calls himself a prophet, his followers call him a prophet.”

The deceased and the suspect were going through a divorce at the time of the shooting, according to court papers.

Pastor Sylvester is said to have been abusing his wife for a long time, forcing relations of Barbara to asked her to leave him.

A woman named Lisa, who witnessed the shooting, told the media “I’m shaken up right now, I’m still shaken up.”

According to her Barbara come outside to move her car before she was shot.

“The next thing I knew, he raised his hand with the gun in it, and he shot her,” she said.

“The guy was walking behind her. I don’t know if she knew he was there or not. I started running and as I’m running, I hear three or four more shots.”


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