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Man drowns trying to rescue $20 note in river

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Police in Liberia have said that a man drowned after he jumped into a river in the capital, Monrovia, to retrieve a $20 note he had dropped.

Tamba Lamine according to eyewitnesses was walking with a friend on a bridge when the bank note fell.

He reportedly jumped from the bridge into the river and successfully located the note which he showed to onlookers.

Police spokesman Moses Carter told the media though that the street hawker drowned shortly after that.

His body is yet to be recovered according to Mr Carter who said the victim drowned in the Mesuradu River.

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Mesuradu River runs between mainland Monrovia and the industrial district of Bushrod Island.

Mr Carter revealed that Lamine was forced to jump into the river to retrieve the money in order to give his friend his $5 “share” of it.

Liberia allows for the US dollar to trade alongside the Liberian dollar.

The US dollar though is much stronger than the local currency which continues to depreciate, which makes it valuable for citizens.



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